Cash Gifts

Donate securely online using your credit card. If writing a check, please make it payable to Burlington City Arts Foundation and mail to: Burlington City Arts, 135 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401.

Donate Stock

We invite you to join our Permanent Collectors, individuals and families who have made an extraordinary commitment to BCA’s mission of keeping the arts accessible to all by including BCA in their estate plans.

Your legacy gift allows BCA to meet our community’s needs through the arts, today and in the future. We ask you to consider including us in your will or adding us as a beneficiary to your retirement plan. You may also gift us a life insurance policy, or establish a Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Gift Annuity. Many of these ways of giving provide assets to BCA in the future while allowing you full use and benefits of those assets during your lifetime.

To discuss making a planned gift to BCA, please contact Development Director Joyce Cellars at or (802) 865-7595. 

Give to a Named Fund or Create a Fund

Burlington City Arts Foundation gratefully holds a number of funds for special purposes.  These funds act like specific savings accounts for the organization or project.  The principal of these funds is invested to generate interest that can either grow with the principal or be directed to certain programs.

Existing funds include:

Burlington City Arts Foundation Fund

This fund was created to support BCA’s mission-related programs and services. It supports BCA’s operational budget and allows the organization the flexibility to embrace unanticipated opportunities that advance its mission.

Burlington City Arts Endowment Fund

This endowment is a permanent fund.  Its purpose is to support the long-term health and stability of Burlington City Arts. By increasing and diversifying our resources, BCA will be able to create new programming, develop new audiences and continue to serve the diverse community of Vermont. Your support of the Burlington City Arts Foundation Endowment Fund will ensure that BCA will remain a significant arts and education resource for generations to come.

The BCA Foundation’s Artist Grants Program Fund

The BCA Foundation’s Artist Grants Program Fund is a restricted fund of the BCA Foundation with the purpose of making grants and philanthropic funding accessible to Vermont artists and small arts organizations that do not have 501 (c) 3 status through limited fiscal sponsorship.

Herb Lockwood Prize

This statewide prize in the arts was created to reward the pinnacle of arts leadership in Vermont. The prize recognizes significant work in the areas of visual arts, music, writing, drama, dance, film, and fine woodworking—while also having a beneficent influence on the community. One artist is chosen each year by an anonymous committee; there is no application process. The prize includes a minimum of $5,000. Herb Lockwood was an inspirational figure in the Burlington arts and music scene in the 1980’s.

Patrick S. Robins Fund

Named in honor of Emeritus Board Member and BCA advocate Patrick S. Robins, this discretionary fund was established in order to support BCA’s scholarship program.  BCA’s scholarship program has one of the simplest application forms of any local non-profit, making the process truly accessible to anyone with need.  Our scholarship program never turns away an applicant.

Bentley Davis Seifer Award

Named in memory of a talented young artist, The Bentley Davis Seifer Award is granted annually to children who are chosen within each classroom that exhibits art in the annual Children’s Art Show hosted by Burlington City Arts in City Hall in March of each year.

Please contact Development Director Joyce Cellars at for more information about dedicated funds at BCA or if you would like to make a planned gift.