The BCA Foundation’s Artist Grants Program Fund makes grants and philanthropic funding accessible to Vermont artists or small arts organizations that may not have 501 (c) 3 status. 

BCA Foundation uses a Model C Fiscal Sponsorship to connect artists with philanthropic opportunities. In this model, rather than belonging to the BCA Foundation, projects are supported through a pre-approved grant relationship. Each project approved in this program remains a separate entity responsible for managing its own tax liability, vendor relations, and reporting. The BCA Foundation’s role is to receive grants and donations on behalf of the project, re-grant them to the project, and assure that the project will use the grant funds received to accomplish the ends described in the grant proposal.

If you are an artist and would like to inquire about submitting an application for preapproval, contact Sara Katz or 802-865-5356.

BCA Foundation recommends that artists establish a relationship with a tax advisor prior to submitting an application and accepting grant funds through this program.

If you are a generous donor and would like to inquire about making a donation to The Artist Grants Program Fund or to an artist’s pre-approved project, please contact Joyce Cellars at or 802-865-7595.